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A Boost

It’s been 3 months since I passed the first part of the ISTE certification process. Winter break did me no good. There were 6 months to complete the task. Easy peezy lemon squeezy, right. Plenty of time I thought to demonstrate I have done the 25 criteria. A blink or two later and I’m down … More

A Story

I have a story. It’s up here. My finger gently taps the left side of my forehead. My thoughts are jumbled inside. Each one starts where the other trails off. I want to remember the ones worthy of memory. There is value in sharing them because the characters matter to me and I want them … More

Somethings Don’t Make Sense

I knew when I got home from Georgia there would be kittens, feral kittens, but kittens nonetheless somewhere hidden in the backyard. Always a fun treat to see some babies. I just love the babies! We have a cat problem in this neighborhood. Always have, always will. I think. We have those sweet ladies that … More

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