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A Change is Coming

The rain pounded against the tin roof like a freight train was going to crash through the house at any moment. The invisible wind made its presence known. The trees bent back and forth and around and around as if they were engaged in a dangerous dance. One finally released its roots and began to … More


Now that I have a solid connection to the internet, I was thinking about what could I do with the students during small group. There is a week left before spring break and the kids need a boost to make to Friday. As I scanned over some reading material, I came across a story about … More

Small Town Limitations

I love it here in our small town in Georgia. It’s great. The average rainfall is over 50 inches a year. The hills are full of trees fighting for sunlight. You can go off road and truly be the only one out there for hours. The lakes are truly lakes. They are full to the … More

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