I’m Lucky

I felt so unlucky this morning. My flight was changed. It added 3 hours to my flight! Argh!

Halfway through the flight, I debated if I wanted to write or read a book. I realized I wouldn’t be able to submit my slice today unless I did it right now. I will be arriving home on the east coast after midnight. My decision was made. I reached down and pulled my carry on bag out from under the seat. I reached in and pulled out my notebook. I was just about ready to mill over some possible topics.

Realizing it would be easier to get a pen out of my purse, I thrust my hand deep to the bottom of the bag where all the pens= live. My hand rummaged over all the items. I could name each one as I brushed over them. Then I felt a slight prick on the tip of my ring finger. My eyes opened wide. I looked casually over at the guy sitting next to me. Why? I don’t know. I definitely was not going to take it out. I knew immediately what it was. I couldn’t believe I totally forgot about it. And here it lies on the bottom of my bag. I grabbed my pen and pulled out my hand like it was on fire. I didn’t touch it again. I just knew I made a grave mistake. “Oh, crap!” I thought. I probably would have been arrested if they screeners would have noticed it. It looks just like a pen so that’s how it must have been dismissed.

Something like this happened to my mom so many years ago. She loved to eat pears but she couldn’t bit into them anymore so she carried a small paring knife with her. Well, she too forgot it was in her purse when she went to the airport. They notice it. They measured it. It was under 6 inches. It was confiscated from her but she was able to board the flight. All was good.

I’m not so sure it would have turned out so well for me. No one knows what’s in my bag. I prefer to keep it that way! I’ll just be sure to put it in my check luggage when flying home.

SOLSC Day #20/31

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