Small Town Limitations

I love it here in our small town in Georgia. It’s great. The average rainfall is over 50 inches a year. The hills are full of trees fighting for sunlight. You can go off road and truly be the only one out there for hours. The lakes are truly lakes. They are full to the brim. It’s not that line in the landscape where you compare the past to the present water levels. The air is clean. Spring is as beautiful as fall. The trees burst into pink, white and yellow flowers. If you enjoy a nice fire at night with music, laughter and stars, you are in the right place. So many stars in the sky on a clear night can be enjoyed night after night. I forgot what that was like in the big city.

The people are so kind. Everyone is willing to help each other out. The only challenge I’ve run into is if you are driving on a signal lane road. All bets are off if that truck a mile back doesn’t get in front of you. There is something that runs through these locals veins that do not want anyone in front of them. Where I come from if some really needs to get in front of you, it’s fine. There are plenty of lanes to maneuver around. The funny part is you will meet up with them at the next light a mile up the road. Not here. They do vanish off in the distant. There are not many street lights here to slow you down.

Life is a bit slower in a small town in Georgia. I’m accepting of most conditions here but not when it comes to my connection to the outside world. Unless you live within city limits you will not have stable internet connection. You find people parking in library parking lots or fast food stops just to get online.

Right now the the internet is my connection to my job. It is crucial for my employment.

This evening we began setting up the office for work tomorrow. Everything is set. The technology is fully charge. The books are ready and set. The lessons only need an audience now. The final test is to connect to the internet. I bring multiple computers for this moment. Everything is fully charged and ready. I bought a cell booster to enhance the service. I’m ready.

Open up the laptop, will not connect. We tried and we tried. We call tech experts to help. Nothing. We refreshed. We tried it all. Nothing. I’m trying to stay calm but I could feel I was coming apart at the seams. We begin to discuss plan B and plan C. After two hours of doing the same thing, finally I was connected to civilization. I think it’ll work. Tomorrow is the true test run. Wish me luck.

SOLSC Day #21/31

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