Now that I have a solid connection to the internet, I was thinking about what could I do with the students during small group. There is a week left before spring break and the kids need a boost to make to Friday.

As I scanned over some reading material, I came across a story about a falcon webcam. The brain started snapping! I created a some activities after the reading that they enjoy but the bonus is what got me all giddy. I quickly searched the internet. It’s spring. I know mammas are getting ready to have babies. The webcams on the Bald Eagles have to be up and running.

They were blown away. How cool is it to see a Bald Eagle feed her baby? How cool is it to see another get ready to lay her egg(s)? How cool is it to see both parents hanging on the side of the nest? How cool is it to zoom in on their talons or the yellow in their eye or their strong powerful beak? It’s so impressive to see such a powerful predator be so gentle with a new born. It’s cool, right!

It could just be me that’s so excited, but I need to make it through the week too! I think my enthusiasm will be contagious. This could also be dangerous. It’s so easy for me to get hooked on their journey. Nonetheless, I’m still excited. I’ll keep sharing it with the kids this week.

SOLSC day #22/31

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